We present a new feature on the Camino de Santiago: sharing vehicle

Through our www.wayandgocompostela.com and Services section (click here) you can agree to pilgrims who want to share a taxi from a particular place to the beginning of your Camino de Santiago.

The idea is simple. For example, two pilgrims arrive at the airport of Santiago and they want to take a taxi to Sarria to start their Camino de Santiago. They can give visibility to the trip on our website so that other pilgrims agree on dates join this trip and share the cost of Taxi. For a bit more than the cost of the two buses to be taken, but in half of time and in a more comfortable and efficiently service you can reach Sarria to start walking.

taxi traslado Camino de Santiago

We speak about Sarria but think about approach Tui, Ferrol, Ourense or Coruna in Galicia. But the service also born to agree to pilgrims who want to get from Pamplona to Roncesvalles, Roncesvalles to Saint Jean, Madrid or wherever … think about any start point.

It is also a thought for certain Camino de Santiago nearby points that we want to get as can be Finisterre, for example. You can waste 6 hours of your day going and coming by bus to Finisterre or you can pay just a little more and do the same journey in 2 hours.

We do not intend to create controversy because it is not designed to stop walking the Camino de Santiago. It is a practical service for pilgrims and seek practical enrich their experience and save costs or time. Wayandgo!Compostela will be a mere intermediary, a meeting point to get agreement with other pilgrims.

Click here and know the most practical service in Camino de Santiago.

Buen Camino!