The best guided tour around the Camino de Santiago

We want to introduce you the best tour on the Camino de Santiago, from Roncesvalles to Santiago, from Oviedo to Santiago, from Porto to Santiago, … from any starting point there isn´t a better cultural activity related to the Camino de Santiago.
Or did we go wrong?

Guided tour to the covers of Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

covers of Cathedral Santiago de Compostela

We start by visiting the Palace of Gelmírez, considered one of the main civil buildings of Romanesque architecture in Spain. It also has Gothic and Renaissance elements in addition to the Baroque facade that covers it. During the visit to the Archbishop’s Palace is presented the Hall of Arms, stables and a hallway where dismounting the Archbishop and his visits. Particularly striking is the kitchen, c. XII, to get an idea of ​​the importance of everyday life in the Palace. The last stop before tackling the climb up the tower is the great Synod Hall, built in the s. XIII for audiences and receptions of archbishop. Above all we must look at the wonderful vault of 32 meters in length and brackets on which they rest tastefully decorated with scenes of a lively medieval feast.

covers cathedral palace

After a climb up the stairs medieval tower, with its different heights, the amazing staggered decks of the Cathedral arise. You can not imagine how it is possible that the roof of the Cathedral could bear the weight of these granite slabs that run through it in its entirety. From this point we can understand the different stages of construction of the temple. At our fingertips we will enjoy towers, domes and pinnacles and admire the views over the streets surrounding this monumental building. We are almost 300 meters high but only 30 meters above the Plaza del Obradoiro so take the opportunity to enjoy a unique chance to lose sight of buildings that kept thousands of stories, people and above all, sensations and feelings.

Our recommendations:
• We started recommending book online (click here) or in person at the Visitor Center in advance to properly choose the tour that best suits you. The Visitor Center is located in the Plaza del Obradoiro, in the middle of the facade of the cathedral between the access stairs and downstairs. It is the Crypt of the Portico of Glory, worth a visit and an extra blog post.
Do not be scared by the stairs or heights. The whole route is sufficiently protected and the reward is well worth an effort. When you’re up you will not feel pain or phobias or knees.
Wear comfortable and suitable shoes for climbing stairs and be slightly inclined spaces. In addition there is a walkway where another type of shoes would give you problems.
Tailor your visit to other times of the Cathedral, that is, if you know that there are chances that fly the Botafumeiro at 12pm choose your visit at 10h or 13h, or directly in the afternoon but watching other possible liturgical ceremonies.
• Remember that if you are a pilgrim get a discount or presenting the credential or Compostela.

And we can only tell you to enjoy the friendliness and professionalism of the team of guides and staff Cathedral Museum.
Could you tell us now if we’re wrong? Do you have an opinion on another best guided tour around the Camino de Santiago?