4 ways to get to Finisterre from Santiago de Compostela

Many of you ask us how to get to Finisterre once you finish the Camino de Santiago in Compostela. In this article we explain the 4 most common ways to reach the End of the Earth.

  • By bus with the company Monbus: The most convenient is to get it in the Bus Station (about 20 minutes walking from the Cathedral). Keep in mind that the fastest route lasts 2 hours, but some bus spend 3 hours to get to Fisterra or Santiago back). The price of the ticket is a bit more than 13 euros. From the stop in Fisterra to the Lighthouse you still have about 4 kilometers. The bad thing about the bus is that if you go and come in the same day you can stay 6 hours inside the bus.



Timetable Monbus Santiago to Finisterre

Timetable Monbus Santiago to Finisterre

Bus Fisterra to Santiago

Timetable from Finisterre to Santiago

  • By foot walking the Camino de Santiago to Fisterra: it is 89 kilometers and most of the pilgrims do it in 3-4 days. In our Way to Fisterra we dedicate 4 stages and we offer the best services to the pilgrims from 269 €. If you want information click here.


  • With our full-day guided tours: It leaves at 9 in the morning and returns at 17:30 or 18:00. There are several options: with or without lunch. Always accompanied by a guide who will show you the hidden secrets of the area. We visited Pontemaceira, the viewpoint of Paxareiras, Carnota, the waterfall of Ézaro, Fisterra and Muxía, as main points. It cost from € 35 without lunch up to € 50 with lunch included. Find more information in the section of SERVICES


  • Private transfer to Finisterre: With a knowledgeable chauffeur of the area and for only € 30 per person if you are 4 passengers. In our website you have the option to launch the service to get more fellow travelers or you can hire it for who you want for 120 € (minimum 1 person and maximum 4, please ask for a budget if you are more travelers)

We have listed the 4 main options, although you could also approach Fisterra by bike with our bike rental service, do you dare?

If you need to know more send us an email to info@wayandgocompostela.com