• O Camiño dos Faros

    509.00 €
  • Escape: rent a car!

    57.00 €
  • Low Stuaries with wine cellar and catamaran

    39.00 €
  • Food Market Tour

    25.00 €
  • Tour Finisterre: Menu of the Day included

    50.00 €
  • Share Taxi to Sarria

    35.00 €
  • Camino de Santiago in Pazos and Manor Houses

    545.00 €
  • Tour Finisterre Views: Fisterra and Costa da Morte

    48.00 €
  • Official Guided Tour to Santiago

    12.00 €
  • Santiago Gastro: Ultimate Santiago Food Experience

    75.00 €
  • Spa Services: Experts in Water

    24.90 €
  • Transfer to Sarria

    140.00 €
  • Backpack Transport

    3.00 €
  • Camino Primitivo from Oviedo

    885.00 €
  • From Sarria in 5 stages

    385.00 €
  • Essential Santiago II: Country House, Convent and Food Market

    54.00 €
  • Collaborative taxi: Finisterre

    29.00 €
  • Tasting Menu From Food Market

    60.00 €
  • Workshop for Walkers Beginners

    150.00 €
  • Pilgrim Laundry 5kg

    8.00 €
  • French Way Low Cost: Albergues

    195.00 €
  • Guided Tour of the Cathedral of Santiago

    12.00 €

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We specialize in the Camino de Santiago, in Santiago and Galicia. Our team is made up of historians , tourism management technicians , specialists in leisure activities , official guides , bloggers and pilgrims. With extensive experience and passion of our land , our labor and customer service.
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  • Share Taxi to Sarria
    This product is a great opportunity to collaborate with other pilgrims to make your trip different and new, nicer and cheaper.
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  • Pilgrim Massage in you Hotel
    Mix the best relaxation of a massage with the comfort of your hotel room in Santiago de Compostela
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  • Spa Services: Experts in Water
    Renew your body after the effort of the journey or just enjoy the best urban spa in Santiago de Compostela. Relax and recover sensations
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  • Airport Transfer
    Book our taxi service and we take care of pick and drop you off at the Airport
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  • Tour Finisterre Views: Fisterra and Costa da Morte
    Continue until the real end of the Camino , until the end of the world ! The most abrupt and stunning coastline of Galicia. Scene of shipwrecks , the cradle of true ' seafarers ' . Experience the Galician idiosyncrasy : seawater faced with river water , the tranquility of a riverbed and the strength of a waterfall ... and always stone.
  • Santiago Gastro: Ultimate Santiago Food Experience
    Gastro Experience Santiago revolves around the best food you can find in Santiago de Compostela. Think of our tour as a group of friends getting together in local and favorite places of your city.
  • Essential Santiago II: Country House, Convent and Food Market
    This half-day tour takes us to see a famous Galician Pazo, a historic convent and the most famous Market in Galicia. The gastronomic part is completed with a festival of tapas at a well-known Restaurant of the Rúa del Franco
  • Santiago Guided Tour by Bike
    Enjoy this different route by Santiago de Compostela ryding a bike with a professional guide