August 2016

Tips to walk the Way to Santiago in August


It is well known to everybody that August is the month with the greatest crowds of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago.

On all routes but preferably the French Way and Sarria as a starting point, as show statistics from Pilgrim OfficeOf course it’s better to do it another season, with fewer people, less heat, lighter even ask yourself do another less crowded route  … but Wayandgo is the first to understand that you have to adapt to circumstances and that no one should be the owner of time of each and the meaning that everyone do the way. In this post we indicate a few tips to do your Camino in August bearable if it is inevitable for you to do so at this time.

1. Be sure to book accommodation in advance. Plan how many kilometers per day and how many stages and make the reservation a few days in advance. If you wait the previous day or the same day you colud have negative surprises. Through this link you can book our different types of accommodation.

durmiñento habitacion

2. Do not go in the hardest hours of the day. From 11 or 12 am could be much sun but seeking shade, with good protection (hat and plenty of sunscreen) and sufficient hydration can continue your Way without problems, even if you have to lower your pace slightly.

3. Lighten your backpack. You should always check the weight of the backpack but August is most grateful to bring the bare minimum. It depends on how colder you are and you can think if you can do without the sleeping bag and take a simple set of sheets. Of course it carries the least possible molts (2 or 3 as a lot) and think to wash and dry your clothes.

4. Look for the land. Whenever possible walk through the soil made by pilgrims on the soft side of the road areas. The asphalt temperature could be high and gets very good shoes guarantee you will not feel the heat on your feet.

5. Choose the right shoes. Do you know this, right? As we return to emphasize on it. Looking for a lightweight, comfortable and breathable shoes. In August you do not need the Waterproof, so even dare to recommend multisport sandals and specifically these for men and these for women.

sandals Hi-Tec

6. Relax your feet in the middle of the stage. You appreciate stop for a moment, take out your shoes and socks to exchange them for other dry and cool them with the wellknown Toxogel. The instant freshness effect will bring new energy to continue.

Toxogel for pilgrims

7. Keep your pace. Do not follow anyone, you are not in a hurry to get because you have already booked to sleep. In August not worth it to “let your feet mark your stops” “the way will tell you where you must stop” … that was in the era of Romanticism. Come to the practical. No need to get up at 4 am to get to walk and get there before others or to avoid the heat. Will walk in darkness, will not enjoy the views, not will visit churches, … If you need to send your backpack with daily service road with Correos, do it. If you need to call a taxi to help you in the last stretch, do it. Check out our Services section and see how many fit your needs.

8. Let´s do tourism! That’s the holidays: visiting churches, museums, bars, places,enjoy people … Santiago is in the middle of Galicia and from here you have all tourist services you can imagine. Rias Baixas, Ribeira Sacra, Finisterre and Costa da Morte, the historic centers and especially Santiago Cathedral, roofs, gastronomic, historical, night tours, the market, the City of Culture of Galicia, free tapas, student tuna in the Obradoiro Sq., …


Rías Baixas

The rest of the tips you already know. It is provided by the common sense and experience of others. You can read more tips on our blog and if you have any questions send us your feedback via the contact form or by email to

Because in August there are also Camino, looking your best experience with our services. Buen Camino!!