July 2017

How much does it cost to do the Way of Santiago?


How much does it cost to do the Way of Santiago?

Many of you ask how much it will cost you to do the Camino de Santiago. Well as good Galicians we will tell you that … it depends.

It depends on many personal, extraneous or intrinsic factors. It depends on whether we want to walk more comfortable or if we want to live on a tightrope. We say this because we have met pilgrims trying to do the Camino de Santiago without money, as they think it was done in the past or trying to experience the total adventure and live of collaboration in the Way.

Let’s begin with the basics of the pilgrim’s day-to-day life, with expenses that are needed.

Accommodation in “Albergues”: from 5-6 € in public hostels up to 8-15 € in private hostels

Accommodation in Hostels, pensions and hotels: between 30 € and 75 € (or more depending on the category, class or history of the place)

Breakfast: some accommodations have it included, but if you do breakfast in route we must reserve about 5 €.

Lunch: based on the menu of the day for about 8-12 €

Dinner: Most pilgrims usually have a light dinner or a snack in the accommodation, so it’s a more complicated expense to manage, but let’s assign it 3-6 €

Extra coffe or soft drink: 2-5 €

These expenses average a total of € 31.50 if we stay in hostels and € 75.50 if we choose to stay a little more comfortable.

In addition to the basic services that we need, we must make a budget of money for the aid kit (compeed, Vaseline, …) and other extra services that will enrich the Camino de Santiago experience.

– Backpack transfer

– Shipping of luggage

– Excursions and cultural visits

– Transportation tickets to our starting point (plane, train, bus …)

We continue with the “it depends” … since you will have to include backpack, sack, clothes and shoes … and all sum. In some cases we will have this but in others not and will be an expense to be booked.

If you start in Sarria, Tui, Ferrol, Ourense, Villalba … that is, if you decide for the last 100 km with an average of 5 stages your Way of Santiago will cost you between 150 and 375 € only in the 5 days essential. Now add extra expenses.

If you have 10 days to do about 200 km and we climb to a total of between 300 and 750 €. And if we have a month to walk the Via de la Plata, the North Road or the French Way, for example, we are going to almost € 1000 in hostel and € 2265 if we decide for a more comfortable rest.

Does that sound like a lot of money to you? Does that sound cheap? We invite you to try and tell us what you can save or spend. Do accounts and you’ll see how you get an approximate budget.

Book albergue or go to adventure?


Book hostel or go to adventure?

It is a subject that generates controversy among the pilgrims of the Way of Santiago. Would you dare to do the Camino de Santiago in August, full summer and top of Spanish pilgrims who can only do the Camino de Santiago during their summer vacations without an “albergue”?

There are all kinds of accommodations on the Camino de Santiago, as many types of pilgrims: public and private “albergues”, hostels, pensions, hotels, … and normal pilgrims, suffering, comfortable, purists, efficient, …

As you know in the public albergues is not possible to reserve anybody, neither pilgrims nor turigrinos (no matter how many people say that the turigrinos arrive and they already have the places for them). The companies that we dedicate to give services to the pilgrims do not work with public shelters. We need to give the service with prior reservation and therefore it is impossible. We always book in private shelters and other types of accommodation. In our case, we work with suppliers who do a detailed study of the best accommodations. Also daily we deal with groups of hostels and accommodations on the Camino de Santiago that ensure that the best standards are met for their customers and our customers.

Returning to the question of whether a particular pilgrim should book or not … we clearly choose to recommend that we book in advance. The advance puts each one according to its calendar, its physical form, the type of accommodation you need, … The Camino de Santiago is adventure, it is freedom, it is not knowing where you are going to sleep and it is also security that you will have a Bed where to rest at the end of your daily stage. What veteran pilgrim has not slept in the open air, in the atrium of a church, on or under a table or in a sports pavilion?

But we also wonder why we can not know that we will have a bed for ourselves or sharing with 15/20 people. Or we simply like to rest without hearing snoring, or the noise of the bags at 4-5 or 6 in the morning. Book accommodation previously has more advantages than inconveniences and if you do not risk not having a bed where to sleep, having to continue to the next point where you can find a gap, force you to get up at 4:00 in the morning to start To walk and arrive before to catch site …

We are dedicated to this: to book accommodation and hostels on the Camino de Santiago. But we believe without a doubt that it is the most intelligent and effective even if you are calling by telephone that same morning to reserve a bed where to fall to rest after our long day.

By the way let’s not put aside the new collaborative tendencies on the Camino de Santiago. In the not too distant future individuals will be able to host pilgrims legally in their own homes through Airbnb style platforms where it is also advisable to book. In process of regularization but possible soon

And you, are you going to book in advance or are you looking for surprises?

Just in case, book on your own here