Is it your first time on the Camino de Santiago? Would you recommend the French Way for the first time of a novice pilgrim?

It is clear that the French Way, between Roncesvalles, or even Saint Jean, and Santiago de Compostela, is the most famous and busy route, the reference for the other routes of the Way, including the first Primitive walk and the main pilgrim transit route of the European roads of all time.

The magic of the Pyrenees or the ascent to Cebreiro or Cruz de Fierro, the harsh Castilian plateau, the most important Romanesque monuments and temples, the most beautiful cathedrals, the medieval bridges, the mythical stages, the historical roads and the main Jacobean institutions are in the French Way.

In addition, the French Way has the largest number of public and private hostels, as well as the best and most diverse services for pilgrims. And French is also the busiest itinerary, with more possibilities to start your adventure alone and end up surrounded by all kinds of people. The French Way is a path full of life that concentrates the traveling essence of the great pilgrims adventures and where every day is a unique experience. It is not essential to do the French Way the first time you take contact with the Jacobean route, but it is certainly the most advisable option to know one of the most important social and tourist phenomena of recent times.

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