Oct 19, 2017

7 Tips against rain on the Camino de Santiago


Tricks against rain on the Camino de Santiago

We want to make you participate in some advice and recommendations to fight the rain and prevent it from hardening our adventure on the Camino de Santiago. Some of these tips are basic and others for less common will be very, but very effective:

1. Poncho or jacket? We undoubtedly opted for a waterproof and light jacket. The poncho has the disadvantage that with the wind is a little ineffective. There are technical jackets that are known as Three Quarters, which are very advisable to avoid water in the upper area of ​​the pants. Clearly it is necessary to opt for the jackets with hood (better if it is of the rollers in the neck)
2. Waterproof pants. We have several types, although the essence is the same: protect us from water and allow perspiration. We recommend to look in the hunting section of some commercial surface a trousers that are used so that the hunters do not get wet. We have full-leg or mid-leg and usually have the waterproofing applied at the front in the direction of the road.pant
3. Shorts of technical fabric and fast drying. On the one hand, they have the discomfort of going with their legs to the rain, but depending on the temperature is a really practical option, in addition to having the ease of drying them right away.
4. Gaiters. They are very comfortable to avoid the dust of the Camino in summer, but when it rains they still become better allies by avoiding wetting the boots, socks, trousers or our own legs.Gaiters
5. Boots with any type of waterproof or moisture repellent system. Little can be said about this point, right?
6. Cap with visor: again another element of basic protection in summer and in this case helps to avoid the annoying rain by slipping on our face or hindering the vision (important ally for pilgrims with glasses) The idea is to help the hood to protect us better.
7. Backpack cover: it is the most comfortable for any pilgrim, but in terms of efficiency has its weaknesses as it does not really prevent it from getting a little wet when the rain falls between our back and the backpack. There are several ways to supplement the case: 1. With modern backpacks that already have waterproof back contact points. 2. With modern sprays that allow waterproofing the backpack in its entirety. 3. With the bags of all the life to protect the interior of the backpack and of the elements that contains. (effective but cumbersome when it comes to packaging and unpacking)


Little more should be on hand to fight against the discomfort of the rain, but if you have a trick do not hesitate to comment below.

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