The great essentials on the Camino de Santiago

A few weeks ago we asked in social networks that if we could only take with us to the Way of Santiago an item, other than clothing, without which we were not able to carry out the adventure of the Camino, what would it be?

You should choose a single element essential to walk the Way of St. James and we put as an example the flashlight, a multipurpose razor, ibuprofen, mat … We knew it was complicated, but then you started to have a very clear majority of it: Vaseline

We can not agree more with you. Undoubtedly, Vaseline is the great ally of the pilgrim and not only do we say it. If we put vaseline on the feet before going for a walk, we get the foot especially hydrated, thus avoiding friction with the boot or shoe. The result is simple: less friction and therefore less blistering, sores or wounds.

Tip: Although it is a trademark we recommend Vicks Vaporub, that mint vaseline indicated for colds and respiratory problems. On the one hand, we hydrate the foot and on the other hand we refresh it.

Vaseline Camino de Santiago

If you want to know what other elements are essential for you, but a great distance …

2.Mobile                3.Flash Light               4.Multiuses razor

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