Most of us have occasionally opted for a backpack that did not fit well with our Camino de Santiago. We must take into account several important points when choosing it and one of them is not to choose the backpack for the price. Choosing a backpack for the price is an incorrect choice. If you do not want to have problems with weight, the arrangement of the load or with the anchors, … do not look at the price of your backpack. It pays to spend it right on a good backpack.

The capacity of the backpack ideal for any time of the year should be between 30 and 45 liters. If it is cold or rainy you will wear your clothes on, so you should not obsess over a wider backpack. Every time we go better equipped to the Road with clothes less voluminous and with better capacity of protection.

The larger the backpack, the heavier it will be and the more we will fill it. Do not think that as it is bigger you will carry the same things, but more comfortable (in fact, you will carry more things as they fit you.) Once you have made your luggage, you have to check that it does not exceed 10% of your weight , including the backpack.

We must think if we carry the same bag if we walk from Sarria or if we make the Camino from France, Irún, Seville, … Our answer is yes. We should always use the same backpack, familiarize ourselves with it and make the backpack part of us. If we have chosen a backpack with the appropriate capacity we will use it for 5 days or for 30 days. Remember that the number of changes should not be increased to be more days (for that we recommend you buy some new seedlings halfway).

What characteristics should we look for in our backpack on the Way?

Padded shoulder straps and adjustable shoulder, waist and chest straps.
Lumbar reinforcement and weight compensation system to distribute between shoulders and back.
Aeration system in contact with the back.
Belts that allow the backpack to be compacted.
Easy accessibility to the main space.
The quality of a backpack is measured largely by the seams.
It is best to have outside fasteners for a jacket or sleeping bag (you do not have to carry them inside the backpack)

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