December 2017

how to do laundry on the Camino de Santiago?

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How to wash your clothes on the Camino de Santiago?

When someone asks us when they walk the Camino for the first time how to manage with dirty clothes, we also remember our first time on the Camino. How many washing machines would there have in an Albergue to wash the clothes of the pilgrims in August? But the truth is that a lot of albergues had no washing machine and much less dryer.

I remember when we arrived at a modern hostel in Triacastela and saw the washing machine in which for 3 euros you could wash … 3 euros !! We thought it was a lot of money, but it was so comfortable and hygienic after spending days washing clothes by hand and, in any way, that we met the three, my friends and me, together to contemplate that miracle of whiteness and freshness in exchange for one euro per head.

Nowadays, washing machines and even dryers have already been included as part of the business as well as a service for pilgrims. But the memories and the special thing about the fact of washing by hand still survives in Albergues and although it is archaic and uncomfortable, it is something faster and “romantic”.

Said this we will give you some practical tips to wash clothes on the Camino de Santiago in case you want to do it by hand:

clothespins camino de santiago

  1. Soap: It is always advisable to carry a small amount of soap powder or a portion of Lagarto soap (brand name). In addition, the Lagarto soap is highly recommended to heal wounds (advice from a coach of a cycling team). Within this tip, another tip for lazy people is included: start showering with your clothes on and take the chance to “wash” it.
  2. Clothesline: The most normal thing is that the shelters have places to hang clothes, but you have to be careful in case they are full. That’s why we recommend a simple and practical solution that also does not add much weight or takes much space: add a piece of thin rope 2 or 3 meters long to make an improvised tent.
  3. Clothespins: In the Albergues, there are almost never any clothespins because many pilgrims take them as “souvenirs” to be used on another occasion so if you do not want your clothes fallen to the ground take half a dozen clothespins or a few safety pins You can place on the line or in your backpack in case you need to take something drying.
  4. Our main tip: When you reach the end of your Camino, whether it’s Santiago or if you go through stretches in another place, we recommend that you give an homage to your clothes and your backpack, in order to avoid possible surprises, of bugs. Go to a laundromat and put all the clothes and even the backpack to wash and dry. Today for 4-6 € it is possible to wash and dry in a self-service laundry and there are more and more laundry services. In fact, we have our service to pilgrims in which for 8 € we pick you up and return your 5 kilos laundry in your accommodation.

self-service laundry


If you have other tips on how to wash clothes or want to know more, send us an email to

where to eat Pulpo in Melide?

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What is the essential gastro product of the Camino de Santiago?

It is easy to answer this question thanks to the data, your comments and our experience. If there are about 300,000 pilgrims arriving in Santiago de Compostela every year who pass through the Pilgrim’s Office to pick up their Compostela and therefore certify their passage through at least the last 100 km of the Camino de Santiago and … if at least a 60-65% of these pilgrims pass through Melide, it is easy to count on the fingers how many pilgrims have not tasted Octopus.
There is no doubt that the octopus is the gastronomic king of the Camino de Santiago and almost all of us have made a stop at the Ezequiel, Garnacha, Casa Alongos, … sure? Well, we went to Melide to taste octopus of these three restaurants to help you draw your own conclusions about where you can eat the best octopus in Melide.
We went to Melide from Santiago to ask for the same thing in the same place in the three places: a portion of octopus, red wine of the house (in cunca) and bread. By the way, we assume that it is not by chance that the price of the octopus ration is € 8.50.

Casa Alongos
It is the first place we found on the Camino when entering Melide. As soon as you enter the kiwi tree provides us with a nice shade to rest. The place, neat and clean, has a kitchen on the left that allows us to see how the different dishes are prepared. They work with small producers, in many cases of proximity, and some of their products are organic or of very careful care. The care with the pilgrim is very kind and pleasant.

The octopus was done to perfection, neither soft nor hard. The portion was plentiful and with a lot of good oil. Perfect amount of paprika and salt. The bread was very tasty and the wine was the best of the three restaurants we tasted. We were struck by the fact that they had an octopus burger … we had to try it and it was certainly delicious. The best octopus burger in Galicia!

octopus casa alongos

Octopus casa alongos

A Garnacha
It is the next place that it is just 20 meters to the right. They already receive us with steaming octopus on the right. It is a local in 2 heights with large and dark tables. About care they are correct and a little aseptic, neither cold nor hot.

The octopus portion seemed the smallest of the three restaurants. However, it was very good and with a perfect point. The temperature, although it does not seem important, it is and in this case it was perfect to eat (it should not be too temperate or cold). The bread is not his strong point especially in such a good area for it and it was a shame because the mixture of cooking water and oil was very good. Maybe we were wrong, but the bread seemed precooked. A comment that was the place where we saw more people from the area…

octopus a garnacha

Octopus a garnacha

It is the last place of the three and is less than 50 meters from A Garnacha. We do not know the reason, possibly because of the number of pilgrims who pass through here every day, but the care was the coldest and most distant. The place has large tables with complete benches that make the pilgrims join each other even without having previously agreed. As a restaurant it is the one that offers the most chaos, but it is the atmosphere that looks more like a Galician tavern.
The octopus is very tasty, probably the best of the three restaurants. Besides the octopus, which has to be perfect, it was the tastiest. It helped that at the salt was the most correct, although the difference was minimal. The bread was also rich, but in this case the wine was the poorest of three restaurants.



Flavor: Ezequiel
Amount: Casa Alongos
Well cooked: A Garnacha
Sauce: A Garnacha (mixture of cooking water and oil)
Oil: Casa Alongos

Wine: Casa Alongos

Bread: Casa Alongos

Global Experience: Casa Alongos
In addition to the octopus, which was very correct, it is also to value the family treatment of people who deal daily with many pilgrims on the premises. The kindness and care they put into the details are noticed.
Do you know where is part of the difference in the global experience? different menu and with organic products and proximity. Have you ever seen restaurants of all of life on the Camino de Santiago taking care of vegan customers more than a mixed salad? Casa Alongos offers several and rich options to please all kinds of clients.

Note: we have to tell you that less than a week later we returned to Melide and repeated in two of the three restaurants mentioned in the post: A Garnacha and Casa Alongos. Now you draw your own conclusions from our opinion.