Where pilgrims start the Camino de Santiago?

We would like to think about an idea, taking the data of the year 2017, on the place that we choose the pilgrims to start walking. It is very nice that the Camino de Santiago starts at the door of your house but we really talk about the starting point of our walk.

In 2017, 301,036 Compostelas have been issued, which is not the same as pilgrims, right? Almost half, 47.9% have chosen to start walking from somewhere in Galicia. Sarria, in the French Way takes the palm with 26.48% of the total. Every 4 pilgrims at least 1 leaves a single point of the infinite places of departure that the Camino de Santiago has. It is followed quite differently by Tui with 6.69%, already on the Portuguese Way.


The 10 Galician localities in which more pilgrims begin their Camino contribute 135,440 people. In addition to Sarria and Tui we talk about Ferrol, Cebreiro, Lugo, Ourense, Triacastela. Ribadeo, Vigo and Samos. Some localities are already well-known but the rise of Ferrol stands out as the starting point of the English Way.

pilgrimage to Santiagopilgrimage to compostela

Our consideration is as follows, what is more important when choosing a starting point on the Camino de Santiago? in which Way is located? distance to Santiago de Compostela? Or do we choose our starting point according to days we have to walk?

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