25 things you should do to be a total pilgrim on the French Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago is a place to meet yourself and get lost. It is a space to arrive alone and end up surrounded by friends for a lifetime. It is ideal to enjoy the landscapes, enjoy gastronomy and meet people from all over. Never a routine repeated every stage on the Camino de Santiago was so different every new day. Here we write down for you part of that blessed routine and you should tell us how many of these points you have completed or how many times you must return to the Camino to become a global pilgrim of the French Way:

1.- Get on the Artieda (bus) until Roncesvalles and share a taxi to SJPP.

2.- Cross the Pyrenees.

3.- Cross the bridge at Puente La Reina.

4.- Go for Pintxos in Pamplona and Tapas in Logroño, the Barrio Húmedo or El Franco.

5.- Climb the Sierra del Perdón and take a photo with the sculptures.

6.- Visit the great cathedrals of Burgos, León and Santiago de Compostela.

7.- Stroll through the vineyards of La Rioja and “steal” grapes if you go at the right time.

8.- Have you already exploited the blisters with needle and thread?

9.- Missing not hitchhiking on the N-120 as it passes through the looooooong Palencia area.

10.- To regret of having brought so much weight in the backpack.

11.- Visit the Gaudí Palace in Astorga.

12.- Enjoy a walk in flip flops after a good shower.

13.- Leave a stone in the Cruz de Ferro after carrying it during the entire climb from Foncebadón.

14.- Spread your feet in Vaseline and massage your legs with some miraculous cream.

15.- Find your city and how many kilometers are left until it in the Albergue de Manjarín.

16.- “Enjoy” the climb up from La Faba to O Cebreiro.

17.- Take a picture with a cow.

18.- Visit the palloza-museum in O Cebreiro and eat your first octopus “á feira”, which is why you are already in Galicia.

19.- Arrive in Portomarín through the staircase and leave the next day in the fog.

20.- Eat your second octopus “á feira”, that’s why you’re already in Melide.

21. – Enter the Obradoiro Sq. through the arch listening the bagpiper, get excited to see the cathedral almost without scaffolding and lie on the square to enjoy the facade and think about the kilometers and experiences.

22.- Go to the Pilgrim’s Mass, visit the rooftops and watch the Botafumeiro flying.

23.- See dawn on the Camino.

24.- See sunset in Finisterre.

25.- Arrive at your home to wash a shirt and a change of underwear as at the end of each stage, take a shandy or a wine as at the end of each stage, eat a sandwich of packed sausage or a can of tuna as end of each stage, … blessed routine.

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