Oct 1, 2018

Just one advice: Our most valuable advice to do the Camino more practical and effective.


Our most valuable advice to do your Camino de Santiago more practical and effective.

On many occasions we have given you dozens of recommendations to do the Camino de Santiago as a true experience of life. Today we want to give you just one advice, nothing more than one, to make life easier and simpler on the Camino and not to become an ordeal.

It is a practical and tangible advice. It is not a wish or something abstract. We are not going to advise you to go with an open mind, or to make hundreds of friends, or even to live and let live the way to each one as they want.

On one occasion, training for our first Camino from Ponferrada to Santiago, we got lost because of a very thick fog. This fog came full of humidity and the ground was waterlogged, which caused that for hours we walked with our footwear almost soaked. In this way, the skin of our feet hardened and we did not have a single blister in the 200-odd kilometers of our first experience on the Camino. Clearly this is not the advice that we are going to give you, there are other ways.

footwear Camino de Santiago

The following year we walked from France, from Saint Jean and although we were trained after doing almost 3 stages in 2 days a couple of times, when we arrived at Carrión de los Condes we approached a pharmacy asking for some remedy to treat and avoid the blisters that we already had on the feet: in addition to the well-known remedy of the needle and thread to drain the blisters and the betadine for those that were already open, they gave us an advice “off the record” that we now pass on in this post.

  • Smear your feet with Vicks Vaporub
  • What? What have you said? Vicks Vaporub, the one we were thrown out on in the chest when we were young and we were cold?

Indeed, this is our advice if we had to give you a single recommendation to do the Camino de Santiago a path to glory instead of global suffering. It is a product that acts as a menthol vaseline, which will hydrate your feet, allow the slack in the shoes to avoid chafing and refresh your tired feet from the toes to the ankle. You can apply it after the shower in the hostel at the end of the stage and just when you get ready to start the day.


Vaseline Camino de Santiago

If you did not know it, try it. We guarantee the result at 100%. And if you want to know what would be the second and third essential tips to do your Camino de Santiago the best experience of your life, wait a few days or email us at info@wayandgocompostela.com