Access must be made by the Pazo de Xelmírez, in the same Plaza del Obradoiro, so that the Portico de la Gloria will be included in the spaces of the Cathedral Museum, through which guided tours will be organized by staff specialized, in groups that will not exceed 25 people.

Visitors before visiting the Portico, will make a tour of the rooms of the Museum dedicated to Maestro Mateo, which will enable them to receive information about their project and their work; culminating in the Portico de la Gloria, where its historical-artistic values, iconographic message, significance and restoration process will be detailed. This is to facilitate a better interpretation and enjoyment of the work, as indicated by international standards for heritage assets that require special care.

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With this system of visits, the Cathedral Foundation also intends to approach self-sustaining, with its own resources, the demanding maintenance demanded by the Portico de la Gloria and its openness to the public: monitoring, supplies, personnel, security, air conditioning, restoration , maintenance, management, customer service, research, conducting studies, equipment, etc. To ensure sustainability, taking into account the strict limitation of capacity, recourse is made to the implementation of an entry, earmarking the income, exclusively, as has been insisted by the Cathedral Foundation, to assume the high annual costs involved in conservation and opening to the public of the Pórtico de la Gloria and its surroundings.

The guided tours to the Portico de la Gloria will take place from Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to 8 pm (November to March) and from 9 am to 8 pm (from April to October), except for the times reserved for free visits. The languages ​​offered for the guided tours are Galician, Spanish and English.

Tickets for this model of visits can be booked and purchased at the ticket office of the Cathedral Museum and through the website

The rates will be the following:
• Guided visit to the Portico de la Gloria:
• General: € 10
• Reduced (Students, pilgrims, unemployed and over 65): € 8
• School educational program: € 2
• Free: Friends of the Cathedral and free program already detailed.

• Combined visit Pórtico de la Gloria + Permanent Collection of the Cathedral Museum + Compostela Sacra (Collegiate Church of Sar):
• General: € 12
• Reduced: € 10
• School educational program: € 3
• Free: Friends of the Cathedral.

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As well as, in a first phase, the Cathedral Foundation and Tourism of Galicia agreed to a regime of free visits for fifty-four days, which ended with about 80,000 people, in the future it is intended to promote as many visits as possible, taking into account it has legal provisions as well as patrimonial and environmental criteria.
For this purpose, and as we had the opportunity to underline in the press conference on September 21, it is about ensuring periods of free access to the Portico de la Gloria from one hour from Monday to Saturday and one and a half hours on Sunday. , a total of seven and a half hours a week, which practically doubles the four-hour minimum established by legislation. Thirty hours of free visits offered would be reached within a month, compared to a minimum of sixteen.

Free visits to the Portico de la Gloria will be organized as follows:

• Groups of 25 people, who can stay in the Portico for a maximum of 15 minutes, to which must be added the time necessary to organize the visit and make the journey to the Portico.
• From Monday to Saturday from 7:00 to 8:00 pm:
• First group (25 people): pilgrims with invitation to be distributed in the Pilgrim’s Office.
• Remaining two groups (50 people): general public that must withdraw the invitation at the time and ticket office that will be established for this purpose to avoid generating queues at the entrances to the Palacio de Xelmírez. The corresponding list will be drawn up and it will be necessary to prove the identity by showing the DNI before starting the visit in order to avoid abuses.
• What amounts to six hours per week of free access to the Portico de la Gloria.
• Sundays from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.
• four groups (100 people): Compostelanos with prior accreditation and withdrawal of invitations at the time and box office for that purpose.
• The invitations will be delivered, in a personal and non-transferable way, once the residence in Santiago de Compostela is accredited, presenting the corresponding registration certificate. To avoid abuses (such as fraudulent sales) it will be necessary to prove the identity by showing the ID to access the visit, so the organization of these groups will require greater dedication.

Portico de la gloria wayandgo camino de santiago

The Portico de la Gloria, and the Cathedral of which it is a part, is a good patrimony of humanity, with respect to which the Cabildo and the Fundación Catedral have a responsibility for conservation, management and dissemination; but society, in general, and visitors, in particular, must also participate in these tasks. If we want the current state of this wonderful work of universal art to be preserved and not require in the future very expensive restoration actions such as those that are being carried out, it is essential to properly combine the legitimate interests and responsibility of all.