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Essential Santiago II: Country House, Convent and Food Market

54.00 €

This half-day tour takes us to see a famous Galician Pazo, a historic convent and the most famous Market in Galicia. The gastronomic part is completed with a festival of tapas at a well-known Restaurant of the Rúa del Franco


This is a variation of our product Essential Santiago I changing the concept of the Gourmet Tour.
We started the route also in the Pazo de Faramello, eighteenth century. Palace, gardens with ponds, canals, chapel … a fusion of granite and water that transmits a unique spirituality and as its owner tells the story of the origins of the Pazo. After tasting a glass of wine in the French style gardens back to Santiago to visit the former convent of Bonaval, attributed to San Domingos de Guzman, who in 1219 came on a pilgrimage to Santiago. It is located outside the ancient walls of the city, at the foot of Mount da Almaciga, where the pilgrims enter to the city by the French Way.
We continue on foot to the Market coming through the Puerta del Camino: The ‘Rua de Casas Reales’ next to the Pazo de Fondevila, the church of As Ánimas, a pleasant walk from the medieval period.
This tour on this option ends with a visit to the food market with tapas tasting at the restaurant Porta Faxeira, a modern classic of Compostela Cuisine.
Price per person: 54 €

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