Share Taxi to Sarria

35.00 €

This product is a great opportunity to collaborate with other pilgrims to make your trip different and new, nicer and cheaper.


You can agree with other pilgrims to share the taxi to take you to your starting point or wherever you need to go. Save time and money with this service.

You can lower the cost of your way to Sarria to a quarter of the total and also meet other pilgrims who share your goal and the same feelings and experiences. Discover all in common with other Pilgrims before starting.

Pick the places you need and what date you request Taxi service. We take care of the rest. We will contact you to inform you as you go getting your fellow travelers.

The price is 35 € (per pax) for a transfer to Sarria 4 seats full taxi. If we don´t get  4 travelers total price would be 170 euros divided between the seats occupied.

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