Tour Finisterre Views: Fisterra and Costa da Morte

48.00 €

Continue until the real end of the Camino , until the end of the world ! The most abrupt and stunning coastline of Galicia. Scene of shipwrecks , the cradle of true ‘ seafarers ‘ . Experience the Galician idiosyncrasy : seawater faced with river water , the tranquility of a riverbed and the strength of a waterfall … and always stone.


Discover  the most impresive landscape of  “Costa da Morte”, visiting the sites of Finisterre, Muxía, Muros and Ézaro.

Departure from Santiago de Compostela at 9:00 hours stopping at:

Muxía, by the Sanctuary of “Nosa Señora da Barca” beautifully located on the seafront. Place where, according to tradition, our Lady appeared to the apostle St. James. Great scenery in front of the rough atlantic sea.

Finisterre is the end of the ancient world, place where the pilgrims who come to Compostela meet the immensity of the ocean. Stop by the lighthouse, the most important of the Coast of Death, which light has guided the ships in this dangerous coast. Also included a coffee/tea at the recently restaured “Hotel  O Semaforo de Fisterra” located at the top of the cape.

Ézaro, a visit to the spectacular waterfall of the river Xallas wich runs into the sea, the only case in Europe.

Muros, clearly influenced by the Galician culture and tradition where the sea is the main character. Interesting and pictoresque old town where there´s a large number of restaurants that will give us the chance of tasting the local cuisine. Free  time for lunch before return to Santiago.

We pick you up at 9:00 – 9:15 h ta CGAC and Rosa St and leave after 8 hours tour. The price is € 48.

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