Training your Camino de Santiago?

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Training to do the Camino de Santiago?

The Camino de Santiago does not arise as a sporting challenge, although we are increasingly thinking about it in this way, but it needs to be in good shape. Would you dare to do the Way without being trained?

If you answer yes it is perhaps that you do not know the effort that requires mainly two daily actions  in the Way to Santiago:

  • Carry the weight of the backpack
  • Walk sometimes for about 8 hours a day

You should at least train a few weeks before with a backpack with weight for 2 hours at the beginning and gradually increase the walking time. The goal is to prepare to walk for several days in a row with weight on the back and during days of 7-8 hours of activity.

If you want to running (without backpack) will help improve your chances of better withstand the effort. In addition, we recommend that you prepare some exercise that helps reinforce the lower back, to support the weight of the backpack and the walk itself.

If you still answer that you would dare to do the Camino de Santiago without training, we assume that you are thinking that it will be hard at the beginning and then your body will become used to, or that you think of only walking for the last 100 km … it is possible that you are able as it depends a lot on your condition, complexion, or how loaded you carry the backpack.

Our recommendation is that you need training at least a couple of weeks before, being the first week on alternate days and the following week either on consecutive days or with a rest day in the middle of the week. It is necessary to prepare the feet, legs and joints for the effort that we are going to carry out. You should take care about your back a lot and think while walking if you are carrying a good posture. Finally try to follow your steps to the rhythm of your breathing and even try to make it sound and harmonious.

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