Who are we

WayAndGo! Compostela is an online platform for tourism services and products of the Camino de Santiago and travel experiences that are made once our clients come to Santiago de Compostela.
It is a comprehensive service that aims to be the platform of reference for any traveler who wants to find the product that best suits your Camino de Santiago or want to know the range of tourism experiences to harness and complete the experience provided by the Camino de Santiago.
Is to give visibility to the products organized by agencies, companies and professionals specialized in services of the Camino de Santiago, through our platform where the route, route, duration in days, mileage, type of accommodation and maintenance is specified .. . danto every detail so that our clients receive the necessary information about each product and using tools can compare each tourism product according to each individual client.
The products and services included in this platform are:
Trips organized by tourist, guided or self-guided companies and include services such as housing, diet, moving backpacks, car support, transfer of customers, …
Assistants and customer service employable individually and backpacks transfer, transfer of customer specific equipment rental, massage, …
Tourism and high specific value as full day tours, culinary workshops, active tourism, guided tours of major cities or resources Galicia, visits to wineries, canneries, visits … or any kind of unique experiences and experiences Special themselves that reveal the culture, heritage, history and values ​​of the Galician idiosyncrasy …
Recommendation of hotels, lodges, restaurants and any tourist activity related to the Camino de Santiago and other services demanded by the pilgrims on the Camino as transfers to airports, massage and spa services, self-service laundries, hours of tourist services, etc.,. ..
The service we offer in Wayandgo! Compostela is free for the customer who receives the information and booking any tourism product through our platform. The business model that we propose to our partners is the payment of commission on booked and paid directly by the customer to each retailer.
The team that makes Wayandgo! Compostela, besides being multidisciplinary, has extensive experience in the tourism and cultural sector and of course know the Camino de Santiago by his own experience as pilgrims, as it is on the Camino de Santiago de Wayandgo members! Compostela where the need for a service like this, knowing firsthand the concerns and questions of the pilgrims and proposing solutions through the effective management of tourism service providers arises.
Wayandgo! Compostela charged on the platform every professional products deemed appropriate by putting them in value and giving additional visibility in addition to that already performs each supplier., Leveraging the strengths through audit tools that we provide for free to our suppliers.
We believe an effective way to make advertising in markets that introduce these products in a way that by means specific to each professional would not be sufficiently effective. Wayandgo! Compostela positioned its products through tools, social media and digital marketing in the United States, Canada, Central and South America, the emerging and important Asian market (Japan, China, Korea …) Australia, and of course domestic market and rest of Europe.