Why us?

  1. We specialize in the Camino de Santiago, in Santiago and Galicia: Our team consists of historians, technicians in tourism management, specialists in leisure activities, official guides, bloggers, pilgrims … with extensive experience and passionate about our land, our labor and customer service.
  2. You never feel alone: ​​all our services and activities by people, specialists in their field and for us the best guides you can find are addressed. They’ll feel the passion they share for you to know firsthand what is essential in the area and live an authentic experience away from the conventional. Besides the Ways of Santiago Self-guided feature dual service pilgrim service for each stage and at the end of it, as we are located in the city of Santiago de Compostela.
  3. We could have more services and experiences but then not be the best. We have contacted our suppliers, knowing firsthand the service they give, we have filtered the experience as very professional and personal criteria to finally choose the best companies and tourism professionals to make every moment an unforgettable feeling. All services are unique, set in the real value of the area and people and will make you feel unique. 4.
  4. We present the best products and services around the Camino de Santiago in a clear, concise and filtered according to your expectations and requirements. Our search engine allows you to choose the product or service you are looking for and that best suits you. You must be clear that you expect your road or type of activity to focus your search and choose depending on the route or category you need: food, tours, visits, relax … it will open a page with different results in that category sorted by popularity, price, reviews, … Only he will choose the service that you like, request a reservation and enjoy an unforgettable experience.
  5. Our base is the city of Santiago. We have spent many years living, working, enjoying and feeling the city. We’ve moved to the rhythm that made the breath, sensations and feelings of people who have visited and contributed to the city. We have contributed to the City and the Camino de Santiago and know every corner of the city and every centimeter of the road. Nobody will show Galicia and the Way of a better way that each of the people who work in Wayandgo
  6. We have the best information on how to prepare your Camino de Santiago, and Santiago and Galicia and enjoy all free for you. We will provide information on the physical preparation, if you need a planning training equipment material on food during the same … how to get to start, how to get back to your city … practical information about the city, where to eat, where to sleep … and how to turn the experience into something unique. 7
  7. We have the best prices in relation to the quality of our services because the satisfaction of our customers do not value money. Anyway you can compare products by price and are sure to find something that fits what you want.
  8. We guarantee our products to have the reassurance that everything is safe and reliable. We Customer Service 24 hours and 7 days a week so do not miss anything, but we know that nothing will fail. Our activities and services have mandatory liability insurance so that you feel supported and quiet.